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The Technical Services team takes care of UTHC’s many buildings in all of the communities served by the Centre. This means 26 institutional buildings and over 255 residential units to house the Centre’s personnel. This 24/7 service supports all of the Centre’s clinical, administrative and logistical service offer for the entire geographical area served by the UTHC. Moreover, the team is responsible for information technologies, biomedical engineering, physical installations and capital projects
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Several technical jobs

Information technologies

The Department’s personnel make sure that the equipment is functional, in sufficient supply and accessible. They are also responsible for data and server safekeeping

This team comprises analysts, specialized technicians as well as computer technicians

Biomedical engineering

In close collaboration with Clinical Services, this Department oversees the planning, installation, proper functioning, calibration, preventive maintenance, repair and replacement of UTHC’s specialized medical equipment (laboratory, radiology, dentistry, sterilization and minor surgery) found in all communities of the Ungava Bay

Physical installations

This multidisciplinary team does a variety of maintenance and repair work for UTHC’s various service points and housing units

Given our northern location, the maintenance team must be particularly innovative and resourceful in its daily work

Capital projects

The Capital projects team consists of building consultants with profiles of engineer and architect, who work oversee functional renovation and asset maintenance projects

The team plans, directs, and coordinates the overall undertaking of projects of varying nature and scope

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