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Tasiujaq’s CLSC point of service has a dozen employees and 400 residents. Interesting fact : it is in this village that you can see the highest tides in the world !

Tasiujaq in a few words

Features of the territory
Tourist attractions
  • About 400 residents

  • The village is located on the Leaf River which forms a lake that leads to Leaf Bay

  • Tasiujaq means "it resembles a lake" in inuktitut

  • 2 trading posts were established there in 1905 and 1907

  • The region is teaming with wildlife : musk ox, caribou, seal, beluga, Atlantic salmon, gyrfalcon, peregrine falcon, Canada goose and seabirds

  • Tasiujaq is located just north of the tree line, where the shrub tundra irrevocably gives way to the arctic tundra

  • Leaf Basin

  • Great hunting and fishing grounds. Arctic char is a world renowned sporting fish


Map of Tasiujaq

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