Ungava Tulattavik Health Center
Kuujjuaq hospital
UTHC’s hospital is located in Kuujjuaq, Ungava Bay’s largest community with close to 3,000 residents as well as: 3 grocery stores, 2 hotels, 2 restaurants, 1 gym, 1 pool, 1 cinema, 1 bar and many nights illuminated by aurora borealis. In Kuujjuaq, life is both comfortable and adventurous. About 300 UTHC employees work here.

Kuujjuaq in a few words

Features of the territory
Tourist attractions
  • With about 3,000 residents, it’s Nunavik’s largest village

  • Nunavik’s administrative center

  • Means "big river" in inuktitut, in reference to the Koksoak River that flows by the village

  • Kuujjuaq sprung up after a Hudson Bay Company trading post was established there around 1930

  • The village is situated just below the tree line

  • Guided snowmobile expeditions to observe musk oxen

  • Dogsled excursions

  • Fishing contests

  • Annual Aqpik Jam music festival

  • Historical remnants of the Old-Chimo village across the river

Kuujjuaq 2023

Map of Kuujjuaq

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