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Aupaluk CLSC point of service has a dozen employees and over 250 residents. Interesting fact: the village is located near the caribou migration route, so you will definitely have the opportunity to see some during a hike!

Aupaluk in a few words

Features of the territory
Tourist attractions
  • 200 residents makes it the smallest village in Nunavik!

  • Aupaluk means "where it is red" in inuktitut, in reference to the area’s iron oxide rich soil

  • Located in Hopes Advance Bay

  • The area around Aupaluk is quite flat and therefore is particularly suited for hiking

  • The village has a beautiful view of Ungava Bay

  • Founded by Inuits in 1975

  • A river runs within the village’s limits

  • Aupaluk has long been used as traditional hunting and fishing grounds, and contrary to other villages, has not been established because of the presence of a trading post or a religious mission

  • Aupaluk is located close to Leaf River’s caribou herd migration route

  • Observation of marine mammals

  • A new modern CLSC point of service will soon be inaugurated in Aupaluk

  • Amenities : skating rink, gym, coop grocery store, coop hotel, school and daycare


Map of Aupaluk

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