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Kangiqsujuaq’s CLSC point of service has about 25 employees and 750 residents. Looking to live the northern experience to the fullest? This village is for you: it is indeed the most northern village of Ungava Bay!

Kangiqsujuaq in a few words

Features of the territory
Tourist attractions
  • 750 residents

  • Kangiqsujuaq means "the large bay" in inuktitut as the village is located in Wakeham Bay

  • Also known as Wakeham Bay

  • It’s the northernmost village in Ungava Bay

  • Situated 10 km away from the Hudson Strait

  • Surrounded by rocky mountains

  • The area’s mineral-rich soil allows the operation of copper and nickel mines

  • A trading post was established there in 1910

  • Pingualuit National Park (Pingualuit crater)

  • Douglas Harbor : a spectacular fork-shaped fjord surrounded by rocky bluffs

  • Qikertaaluk and Qajaqrtik islands and their archeological treasures

  • Wildlife observation

  • Ice fishing for mussels

  • Many winter sports activities

  • Amenities : skating rink, gym, pool, community centre, Pingualuit interpretation centre, coop grocery store and coop hotel


Map of Kangiqsujuaq

CSTU kangiqsujuaq 954x525 2 retouchee

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