Ungava Tulattavik Health Center
Quaqtaq’s CLSC point of service has about 20 employees and over 450 residents. Interesting fact : hiking enthusiasts will be delighted in this village, as it is surrounded by mountains and rocky hills !

Quaqtaq in a few words

Features of the territory
Tourist attractions
  • 400 residents

  • Quaqtaq means "intestinal worm" in inuktitut because an Inuit beluga hunter is said to have found such a worm in his feces there

  • The village is located on a peninsula set between Diana Bay and Ungava Bay

  • Its geographic positioning allows polar bears to reach the village

  • It’s the only village with a direct access to Ungava Bay

  • The area’s first inhabitants were present around 3,500 years ago

  • The village is surrounded by mountains and rocky hills

  • Tuvaaluk (Diana Bay) is an excellent hunting and wildlife observation ground

  • Many archeological sites can be found in the region

  • Amenities : skating rink, gym, pool, community centre, coop grocery store, coop hotel, school and daycare


Map of Quaqtaq

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