Community Services

A community focus point

UTHC’s community services are twofold, i.e. paramedical services and social services. These services, offered to the community in accordance with Inuit values and culture, aim to insure the community’s well being as a whole

Many professionals, from Nunavik and elsewhere, work to achieve this goal: psychologists, psycho educators, criminalists, sexologists, occupational therapists, etc. Services are available at each of the 7 service points of the Ungava bay
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6 essential programs :

Programs for children, teenagers and families

The UTHC is very conscious that youth is a community’s future. That’s why many services are devoted to this clientele

UTHC nurses, dental hygienists, psycho educators, psychologists and social workers are present in schools to deliver any service needed

A multidisciplinary team is assigned to the Services intégrés en périnatalité et pour la petite enfance (SIPPE) and offers comprehensive and personalized perinatal and early childhood care in a prevention and promotion mode

The Agir tôt team of occupational therapists, language therapists, physiotherapists, psycho educators, educators, and other professionals delivers early detection and referencing services for children aged 0-6

Since Nunavik’s population is very young, all of the aforementioned health professionals play a key role in the services delivered by the UTHC

Adult psychosocial services

These services include :

  • psychosocial entry point

  • crisis intervention

  • psychological care

  • psychosocial intervention

  • general psychosocial follow-up

  • specialized mental health services

A team of social intervention professionals offers, on a voluntary basis, assistance to people struggling with various problems such as substance dependence, negligence issues, job loss, mental health, etc.

Home-based care

A multidisciplinary team delivers a certain number of home-care services to people in need

The team comprises social workers, physiotherapists, physical rehabilitation therapists, occupational therapists, audiologists and respiratory therapists

The team’s mission is to allow vulnerable people and people facing a loss of autonomy to remain in the comfort of their home and close to their family by offering the services that will allow them to do so

Community wellness program

This team, composed of liaisons for suicide prevention, street workers and wellness workers, is very active and plays an essential role in the Ungava Bay communities

Team members act as a liaison with municipal and health authorities as well as with other community players. It promotes healthy habits through various prevention and promotion activities that address current community issues such as substance abuse, healthy relationships, and physical and mental health. The team also plays an accompanying role, guiding people towards community as well as health and social services resources when needed

Tusaajiapik senior home (Kuujjuaq only)

Tusaajiapik senior home welcomes people experiencing functional and/or psychosocial loss of autonomy. This 12-bed capacity residence has a beautiful view of the beach that runs along the Koksoak River

A cultural adaptation program allows the residents to enjoy traditional foods and provides various culturally appropriate activities for the senior’s day centre. A team of nurses, auxiliary nurses, and northern residential care attendants as well as recreologists and support staff deliver full time care to the home’s residents

Maternity services (Kuujjuaq only)

The maternity service allows many women to give birth in Nunavik, instead of having to commute to Montreal, and is therefore very important for the community

Based in Kuujjuaq, the maternity service serves pregnant women in all of Ungava Bay’s 7 communities and allows, on average, some one hundred women to deliver their baby in Kuujjuaq each year. It also offers pregnancy monitoring, delivery care and post-pregnancy monitoring services to the region’s women

Midwives tour the region’s villages to offer pregnancy monitoring as well as a host of related prevention, promotion and education services

A midwifery workplace education program allows Inuit women to acquire skills as they accompany midwives in their work. After a few years of training, their competency is evaluated in order for them to become active members of Ordre des sages-femmes du Québec

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Communities where one or all of these services are offered


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