Become a foster home for UTHC
Welcoming a child in need
Nunavik is currently experiencing a shortage of foster homes. UTHC is actively looking for people who are willing to welcome a child in an emergency situation, temporarily or for the long term, and even up to the child’s majority. Foster homes play a key role in the protection and development of children in need. UTHC wants, in as much as possible, to keep children in their community and their cultural environment.
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You would like to become a foster home ?
Process to become an accredited foster home :
  • Contact UTHC’s Foster Home Services by dialing 819-964-2905 ext. 873 or by email at :

  • Complete the application form provided by Foster Home Services

  • Authorize a criminal record check

  • A Foster Home Services representative will contact you for an evaluation

  • Your application will be sent to Nunavik Health and Social Services for accreditation