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Kangirsuk’s CLSC point of service has about 15 employees and over 600 residents. Interesting fact: fishing enthusiasts will be delighted in this village! The countless lakes and rivers in the region are renowned for their abundance of Arctic char and lake trout.

Kangirsuk in a few words

Features of the territory
Tourist attractions
  • About 600 residents

  • Kangirsuk means "the bay" in inuktitut because the village is situated on the banks of Payne Bay

  • Surrounded by a rocky bluff and hill

  • The region’s countless rivers and lakes are renowned for their arctic char and grey lake trout populations

  • Arnaud River’s big tides make mussel gathering an extraordinarily fun activity

  • Big eider colonies nest in the Kyak Bay and Virgin Lake islands, respectively found east and north-east of Kangirsuk

  • Fishing for arctic char

  • Archeological sites : it seems that the Vikings left evidence of their passage on Pamiok island during the XIth century. The island is situated near the village

  • The village was settled in the 1920’s

  • Arnaud River

  • Wildlife observation : beluga, seal, caribou and many bird species

  • Amenities : skating rink, gym, community center, coop grocery store, coop hotel, school and daycare


Map of Kangirsuk

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