Direction of technical services

Direction of technical services

The challenges are significant for the Direction of Technical Services of the UTHC, which is mainly composed of the following departments:

  • Maintenance
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Information Technology

Construction project management is also an essential branch of Technical Services..

An action plan is proposed and approved by management each year to meet the challenges and ensure the functioning of the services offered by the UTHC to the local population.


Preventive Maintenance Program

A preventive maintenance program has been put in place for both building and facility maintenance and fleet management in Kuujjuaq and other villages.

Preventive maintenance program for buildings and facilities

To ensure the continuity of services in the villages, the Direction of Technical Services has set up a program for the periodic passage of maintenance technicians through the communities to intercept problems upstream and resolve them. The technicians' visits are carried out on a recurrent basis every 45 days, apart from any requests that may arise. This solution has allowed us to reduce the number of service calls in the villages significantly.

Also, the Direction of Technical Services has established a service contract for electrical expertise. The objective is to have qualified professionals for all the needs of the UTHC, who can respond within a relatively short period.

To improve the productivity and efficiency of electromechanical maintenance technicians, the Direction of Technical Services plans to organize short-term training at its Kuujjuaq facility. The objective here is to provide all maintenance technicians with basic knowledge, so that they can be able to bring adequate solutions during their interventions in villages.

Preventive maintenance program for vehicles in Kuujjuaq

The renewal of the mechanical services contract was carried out with the addition of criteria, allowing for better control of needs and follow-up of repairs.

Emphasis was also placed on preventive vehicle maintenance with scheduled inspection visits for the entire UTHC vehicle fleet in Kuujjuaq. The objective being to reduce vehicle repair time as well as reduce the breakage and premature wear of vehicles.

Preventive maintenance program of vehicles in other villages

Currently, we are in the process of tendering for the services of a mechanic who would do the preventive maintenance of our vehicles in the other villages.

The objective here is to respond more quickly to questions about mechanical assistance in villages, reduce premature vehicle breakdowns and reduce the cost of renting other vehicles.


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