Isurrivik, a warm and humane living environment for people with loss of autonomy

Thanks to the collaboration between the Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services (NRBHSS) and the Ungava Tulattavik Health Centre (UTHC), Isurrivik becomes the first family-type residential resource for adults to be created in Nunavik.

Located at 1450 in Kuujjuuaq, Isurrivik offers a structured living environment for Inuit users, respecting their degree of autonomy. Annie Castonguay and Barbara Helen Wellman will assist the residents in their daily and domestic activities. The official inauguration of the Isurrivik House took place on June 16th, 2022, with the responsible in charge of this new resource Jeannie May, several guests, and partners.

An environment for people with loss of autonomy :

  • Promotes self-determination and capacity maintenance
  • Focus on the participation of the user in the tasks of the house, in the respect of his abilities
  • Residents live with respect for Inuit culture and the Inuktitut language

    By the numbers :

    • Users aged 21 years old and older
    • Possibility of 6 residents at the same time:
      • 4 in a long-term housing context
      • 2 in a short-term housing context (respit care)
    • 24/7 staff on site
        Larry Watt, Executive Director of the UTHC

        With the involvement of UTHC, this innovative initiative is set up to ensure quality of life for people with loss of autonomy. The well-being and development of the residents is of utmost importance to the Center and we are pleased to offer this new service to Inuit, right here in Kuujjuaq

        Gilles Cloutier, Director of Community Services of UTHC

        The Isurrivik house is a living home that most closely resembles a natural environment. With its familial atmosphere, it combines consideration and safety. This new resource places Inuit culture and language at the heart of exchanges between residents, staff, families and friends.

        Beneficiaries will be able to be more active and more connected to the community while remaining in Nunavik


        ᐃᓱᕐᕆᕕᒃ - ISURRIVIK

        Isurrivik, the brand new accommodation resource for people with a slight loss of autonomy is now open and can welcome users from Nunavik.

        The first resident, Tommy Annanack, was welcomed on June 7. Two more people from the Ungava Coast and another from the Hudson Coast will move in shortly.

        Pictured, from left to right: Jeannie May, Head of Programs at the UTHC Elder’s Home and Day Centre, Resident Rena Annanack and Minnie Grey, Executive Director of the Régie at the Isurrivik inauguration.

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