Pros and cons of living in a small community in Nunavik

The possibility to eat at home during mealtimes, no snow to clear on the car, accessibility to leisure time outdoors and more.

People smile at you and salute you, and in a short time you'll be known as the new one and identified as the girl who works at the hospital or the guy who works for the police. Working in Nunavik brings an additional responsibility since you cannot blend into the mass: anonymity is non-existent. Your role in the community is vital and your credibility is as much about your professional skills as it is about your behaviour outside your workplace. Furthermore, it is important to realize that we, as Qallunak (the white men), are visitors to this Inuit land and, consequently, we must respect the culture of these warm people in their own territory.

On the other hand, social isolation can sometimes seem overwhelming, but it is nonetheless an element that fosters mutual aid and camaraderie. There will be plenty of opportunities to share a meal with friends and take part in social activities.

In short, we recommend that you gradually tame the environment with its different cultures such as those of a new country, the organizations and the health centre with its subcultures. You will learn a lot about people's behaviours but most importantly about yourself.


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